TreeHouse Biosciences™ is Next Frontier Brands’ center of scientific excellence and product development. The logo and look are new, but TreeHouse Biosciences™ is still the same cGMP certified, industry leading provider of cannabinoid ingredients and advanced extraction and remediation services. 

 A Logo Built With Purpose

The new logo was designed with intentionality to showcase the role TreeHouse Biosciences™ plays in the industry and with its customers. It includes a house structure around a tree and its foundation, all within a molecule-inspired hexagon.

House Structure

The house structure element of the logo represents a strong establishment that provides security and trust within the TreeHouse Biosciences™ brand.


The tree represents growth and innovations that TreeHouse Biosciences™ is introducing into the bioscience community.


The molecule-inspired hexagon represents the scientific focus of the TreeHouse Biosciences™ brand. These elements combine to exemplify our core values and purpose. 

Imagery for Transformation & Transparency 

We’re transforming the potential of cannabinoids with our research and technology. Our bold imagery represents our breakthrough science. Transparency is an essential element of trust and partnership. Our imagery incorporates our team, our facility, and our operations.

Green, but New

The TreeHouse Biosciences™ colors are professional and modern, expressing the unrivaled science and unparalleled quality that TreeHouse Biosciences™ brings to the biosciences community. 

Bringing it all together

These elements come together as an emblem of our purpose. By keeping science and our partners at the heart of what we do, we’re setting the standard of excellence today and advancing the potential of cannabinoids for the future.

Published On: July 21st, 2021 / Categories: News /

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